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Individual branding photos are for business owners or influencers that ARE what they do. How they serve others is direct expression of who they are and what's inside of them. These sessions are more to express personality, influence, heart, and a visual way for your followers + clients to connect with you in a personal way.

Individual Branding Sessions

Individual branding photos are more than taking a few photos to show others what you look like.

No, they leave a more meaningful impact on your audience.

Individual Branding Sessions is a visual way to capture who you are, explain what you care about, what you do, and who you are!

It is the way your audience connect with you in a personal way!

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Example Influencer + Coach, Amy Killingsworth

Location + Outfit #1

Customized, Personal, & Fresh

Tired of photographers that want YOU to conform to THEIR style?

Life Photo + Design works with you to serve, not to be served to ensure (to the best of our ability) we can capture your vision for your branding photos.

Branding Photos are so personal- you want to feel like you when you see your photos.

Even better- you want to see yourself at your best self to bring who you really are at your core to the world in a visual way.

Influencer + Coach, Amy Killingsworth | Location + Outfit #2

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