"We've never had a family photo."

One of the most motivating phrases I can hear as a photographer is,

"My family has never had a family photo."

My heart sinks and a fire erupts on the inside of me. I have to fix this, I think to myself.

Many of the people I hear say this phrase are families with children almost 10 years old! How long have they gone without a precious piece of family history on the walls of their home? How long have they looked at other family's photos and thought to themselves, "I want what they have, but I don't know how."

I can't solve the roots of much of the brokenness and chaos that happen in a family's story, but at the very least, I can give them something to look back and for a moment, regain a sense of pride.

As someone who understands the journey of healing in family life, I understand what a big deal it is that families have family photos. When families decide to commit their life to God and pursue a better life for themselves and their future generations, photographs can be a powerful way to document the new chapter in a family's life.

Family photos give dignity, unity, boost self-esteem, and can help rewrite the narrative of a family's story.

How L|P|D solves that problem.

To celebrate families who are writing a new chapter to their family's story, Life Stage Photography gifts families with a free mini session to ensure that no family goes without family photos.

This is done through an application process and is typically done through referrals of local churches, DSS, and other organizations that work with family's on their journey to a better tomorrow.

Life Stage Photography is proud to offer this service, but understands that our resource of time is limited. Due to this, we are only able to offer a limited amount of complimentary sessions for families.


If you would like to support this mission and help L|P|D offer more free mini session to well-deserving families, please click the link below!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

-Malana B. | Owner of Life Photo & Digital Design


Previous Sessions

All session & images were given at no cost for the families.

*Shared with permission of families

Other Ways We Give Back | Services Offered

Child Bereavement

We know losing a child is the hardest thing imaginable for a parent. The second hardest thing is not having very many things to remember them by. As trained a Christian minister and family educator, we have extensive experience in offering bereavement services to families experiencing the sensitive experience of the loss of a child. We offer free bereavement services for families of late-term miscarriages, still births and infant deaths.

If you are in need of services, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Please email Malana at yourlifestagematters@gmail.com

NICU Newborn Sessions

NICU warriors deserve their newborn sessions too, but we do understand it does require a special set of sensitivity and skillset. Life Stage Photography is proud to offer the brave families of the NICU community lifestyle newborn sessions to capture their journey in the NICU. Being a part of the NICU community is an experience, unlike any other. We want to make sure that families have these memories, the good and the bad, to document their story. Please email us at yourlifestagematters@gmail.com to inquire about a session.